IQ Divergence Test for Christmas Holidays

Christmas Tree

(Christmas Lights): As a cause for the poor neighbor to be mad because energy is being wasted. Shining stars. Only source of light while having sex on the living room couch. Something to hang on when falling off a building. As a substitute for a jump rope. If colored, it can represent a flag, if not it will be the peace sign. To make sparkling trees with. If poorly constructed, can cause electric shock in rainy weather.

(Christmas Tree): Something to scratch your back with. Where you place the Christmas gifts under. Room decoration. Where you hang ornaments. A big piece of disposal after December 25th. Shape of a cone for geometry class. Can block a road with. To burn in fire. Source of poky leaves on the home floor for days after it’s been put away.

(Santa Clause): An old fat man with long white beard. Who supposed to fill the socks on top of the fireplace with gifts. One of the first subjects of lies to children until they grow old and figure out they were lied to about its true existence and job.