EE115C Final Solution Leaked

Have you ever taken a final exam realizing the solutions are attached to the final packet given to you? Well, it was within few seconds that the proctor for Professor Yang’s EE115C course passed the exam packets that someone said, "solutions are attached!"

Professor Yang was on a trip and he could not proctor the final exam for the class by himself, so one of his graduate students, Aida Varzaghani, was in charge of proctoring the final examination. After passing the examination packages to all students, some students realized that a copy of solutions was also attached to every exam packet passed. It was shocking to see a 16 page long exam, but only 8 pages were the real exam and the other 8 pages were the solutions. Exams were collected immediately and a long discussion started about what it the right thing to do in this situation. A few students were concerned that taking this exam is not fair anymore because some people might have actually memorized some solutions during the 1 minute or 2 that the solutions were in hands of everyone. Another group was concerned that the alternative solution would be taking another exam, but since Professor Yang is not going to be back by next week, the exam would be delayed. Opposing the alternative exam idea, some folks raised concerns that some might have plans to leave town in the same day or the next day, and it is impossible to have them take an alternative test. Thirty minutes passed and there was still no conclusion. Some were bargaining that the professor should reduce the exam’s percentage on final grade, and instead increase the percentage for the final project, and this idea was also attacked by some folks who did poorly in the project.

Finally after 40 minutes, all of the solutions were ripped off the exam packets and they were passed to student to take, but some raised concerns that they must leave right at the original ending time which was 6 pm and it is not fair for others to continue the test after 6 pm even though 40 minutes of the exam time was wasted. Thus, everyone took the exam until 6 pm.

The question which remains unanswered is that whether this exam was fair? And it remains unclear who was responsible for copying the solutions.

Now, the sad part is that I started my exam 1.5 hours earlier due my special testing arrangements; however, I did not go through the entire test package to realize the solutions were attached. I saw two problems which I knew so I started writing to minimize my testing time. At 3 pm I walked to the lecture hall to take the rest of my exam with other students, and that was when all the fiasco in testing situation happened.