Fork vs. Spoon and the Squirrel

It is typical for Persians to go to a Persian Cousin place for lunch on Sundays, so did Kassie and I. This time we brought a new friend, Terra, with us. I see that Americans eat with fork all the time, so as Terra initially. I am going to tell you why eating with fork is not efficient.

First of all, fork does not have a solid form like spoon. Rice pieces can fall out easily and make a mess resulting in extra time for cleaning the table and vacuuming the floor. I will tell you how sad you will be once your wife forced you to clean the floor. Secondly, fork does not hold as much food as spoon can. Your mouth has a capacity as big as the spoon filled with rice, kabobs, and stew. Consider time is money, by using your spoon you can finish your food faster and save some time; thus you saved money. Second of all, energy is conserved. Those of you who think eating small portions one at a time does not make you tired are wrong. You are consuming same amount of energy than chewing big chunks of food. After all you used same amount of energy to chew. The third reason to use spoon rather than fork, is that it is easier to use spoon to pick up the last pieces of food in your plate and use fork as a helper tool to push the food to into the spoon, but if you had to use spoon to push the food on the fork, it would have been harder. You don’t believe me! Do it yourself. So, American people or those who are Americanized immigrants please use spoon and live efficiently. This also eliminated the fight with your wife.

After lunch we felt like having ice cream. We went to that Persian store next to Canary to eat Akbar-Mashti ice cream, and its name is as I said and it is not “Go-O-Bolbol” you ret’s. I cannot believe some people come and change the ice-cream name for marketing purposes and claim that they are the founder of the recipe. If you are one of those fools who went to try the new ice cream like me, do yourself a favor and next time you go to that store say the right name. If you get lucky you will get a free cup of ice cream, otherwise run for your life.

The funny thing I observed sitting outside and eating my ice cream, was this squirrel running into the store, climbing up from the bucket where walnuts were stored for sale, grabbing one, and managing to run out. It was hilarious. It cane for the second round; a shopper inside the store carefully dropped a walnut on the ground easing the job of animal, but the squirrel did not pick the one from the ground and went for the storage bucket. Afterwards, the owner closed the glass door. Squirrel come back for the third round, wondering around the closed door expecting someone will open the door for it and then leaves. I wondered how amazing this animal behaved.