Good Day. Long time, no blog!

Someone who was just curious to find me on the net and came to this page, send me a note asking if I am dead, and if I am not why don’t you blog any more? My short answer to him was that if your assumption is that I am dead, then you just waisted your time messaging me, seeking a response from a dead person. If you want to know the real reason, read along.

I have a full time job and I run my own business. As you can see from my past blog posts, they are either newsworthy information about me or they are teasers and fun writings I did to express my opinions about such and such. Since Twitter came along, that introduced a new phenomenon into my life, and I am sure many others, called 140 character long blog posts (aka micro-bloggs). Now I use that to express myself or pass out short opinions, comments on moments, things, and etc. The other part of my blogging interest was the thoughtfulness I’d like to put into my posts. With that still existing, I need more focused time to write something that I actually enjoy, and it this is not my first priority.

Twitter serves me best. So follow me there if you like. @aryanet