Happy New Year 3745

Image Happy New Persian New Year to everyone who is celebrating it. I wish you a year full of happiness and joy in however it means to you. I was celebrating the New Year’s count down in Young Research Library at UCLA among few other friends studying for winter quarter final examinations. I know it is not the best thing to do, but we had no choice and this is how it has been for me for that past 5 years. I was either in class taking a test, or studying for finals. I hope this doesn’t happen to anybody and hope that schools would recognize this important holiday. By the way, if anyone is planning to have a child in this New Year, please plan accordingly to not have his/her birthday during final or midterm examinations so they can party up; I am saying this because my birthday is also during spring quarter’s finals week.

Finally sitting in the library, I thought of how to make “Haft Sin” with stuff close to me, and this came to my mind:
1. Sandwich
2. Sauce
3. Soda
4. Soup
5. Sucks (Not sure if anyone wants to put this on their Haft Sin)
6. Seat
7. Cell Phone

They all start with the sound “s.”

P.S. The picture above it the Haft Sin of my cousin Giti.