How did you get into grad school?

How did you get into graduate school!

This is a little aggressive, but I want to ask you if you don’t know what N=NP means, how did you get into UCLA’s graduate school mastering in computer science?

TA comes to the class and is not even able to answer a simple question. No, the answer to my question was not what you said. In fact you kept stressing your own point over my question which obviously had nothing to do with what I was asking. “Did I answer your question?”, you said. “No, that was not what I was asking,” and I continued rephrasing my question. I rephrased the whole thing, then why did you repeat the same answer? No, I am not an idiot, but I think you have slept with one and became an idiot.
You want feedback? Can you read the feedback sheet? I mean, if you were illiterate, you were more respectful than what you are right now. So, let me ask you this question: Have you had life? I mean have you had some fun besides hiding in the basement of a concrete building? I saw you drinking beer in the street the other night. Why are you doing this to us? You drink beer the day before class at 8 am. Please don’t be so cheap. At least go buy some good wine, and enjoy it all night. I understand that English was your third language, but I promise if you speak with me with your second language, I will understand you better.

I have a suggestion; go home, and bake some sweet potato, eat it, and get smarter. Then maybe you can answer my question.