I am a Barbie girl!

If you are a girl, you know what I am talking about. I am talking about those days you used to play with Barbie dolls. But here we discovered a modern grown up version of Barbie game, written on a piece of paper as an ongoing conversation by two human Barbies aged between 18 and 21. My roommate found this note inside the Giancolli Physics book, and we are guessing it was written by two girls in Physics 1B class one named Linda and other Linda’s friend. Moreover, we are guessing that the book was accessed in Powel library and was used in the reading room.

The Scenario:

Linda and her friend are trying to study physics that they get distracted by realizing a guy staring at Linda. So, they start to have a Barbie conversation.

Conversation starts:

Linda’s Friend: eww the guy. The ew guy keeps staring at you.
in the yellow [?!]
Linda’s Friend: eww.
I know. I looked up and I saw him staring at me. I want to throw up. How come these guys always come to me? Now I can’t go to sleep. I might get raped. EWWWWWWWW.
Linda’s Friend: He looks weird. I saw him when he first sat down staring at you and I fell asleep. I open my eyes and he was staring. Yuck. I stared at him so he looked away. Sorry Linda. [We think that there is a missing part to the conversation. Perhaps they started talking instead of writing on that piece of paper.]
Pretty! I don’t think so .. the hot guys (they should know what pretty is) never come, always the creepy ones come. Come to think of it, always old, creepy/crazy people. I want to look like you, never have these problems. LOL.
Linda’s Friend:
I never knew I had such a blessed face. Thanks Linda.
Linda’s Friend: He is old too.


I think Ken is too old and creepy for these Barbies.

You can judge the rest and leave a comment.