Rotating Sneeze


It had been windy these days. The sky’s goddess has been sneezing so hard that it even shook my room’s window. She caught cold. It is ironic that she is the goddess but she doesn’t have a cure to her own sickness. I got a flu shot from UCLA Ash Center before I go on vacation, but the goddess. She could have accessed UCLA Ash Center; she doesn’t need a key. She is capable of so much supernaturals that she can suck up a flu shot from behind the building structure, but she did not. I wonder if doctrines write jokes about her power and generosity. She chose to become sick and make all of her creatures sick too, of course, except those who where immune.

I always thought of Mr. Tree is strong because he is from the Palms family. Ever since he has moved into the Westwood Neighborhood, he has been standing steady in front of my room’s window blocking the beautiful sun from shining into my room. Despite his strength, he tripped over Mr. Pole. Too bad Pole was carrying the charges for the entire neighborhood; he couldn’t stand Tree’s heavy weight and pulled on his sisters and all fell. I cannot see anymore because it is dark now. The lights from the goddess window are blocked by her used tissue papers flying on the sky. What a day!

After all these troubles, I realized the beauty of a pile of leaves, not collected by Mr. Gardener but by the goddess sneeze. I am not sure how she sneezed, but it looked like that it was rotating collecting all the leaves in one pile. I can imagine how dizzy the Leaf family was. Anyways, after all, I found her to be a great artist.