The Fooling Media

Those who know me also know that I watch and read the news for plain entertainment. Media in United States is controlled by people who own more than %50 of this country’s wealth, so it is obvious that the media is doing something for them and not the majority of the population. It is simple. To my opinion, media is a tool for governments to give people misleading information so that ordinary citizens would not see the reality behind the scene. Thus whenever I watch news or read something which sounds silly, I tell myself, something fishy is going on that the government is trying to hide. Today, in news they were taking about Senate vetoing President Bush and Bush vetoing back on his bill for funding U.S. troops, and I am sure tomorrow they will pass the bill to fund the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan which does not make any sense.

This is a simple game people. Watch it carefully. Look for contradictions, funny stories, and maybe you will find a clue attached to the truth.

And those FBI bastards reading my blog better know that I am just a caring and thoughtful citizen and have no affiliation with whatever grumpy stuff is happening in politic around the world.