Total Lunar Eclipse

For those who like to look up in the sky and are able to be conscious in the wee hours of the morning, there will be a total lunar eclipse early tomorrow morning. Those of us on the West Coast of the United States will be in a rare position to see the entirety of the eclipse, assuming you can stand to sit there and watch it for the full 5 hours! The various times of the different phases of the eclipse are outlined below. Here’s hoping for clear skies.

P1 = 00:53:29 PDT
U1 = 01:51:16 PDT
U2 = 02:52:22 PDT
GE = 03:37:22.3 PDT
U3 = 04:22:24 PDT
U4 = 05:23:30 PDT
P4 = 06:21:01 PDT

P1: Penumbral first contact: when the very first shading appears on the Moon.
U1: Umbral first contact: when the dark central umbra first touches the Moon.
U2: Umbral second contact: total eclipse begins.
Greatest: Greatest eclipse: when the Moon is closest to the middle of the umbra.
U3: Umbral third contact: total eclipse ends.
U4: Umbral fourth contact: when the umbra leaves the Moon.
P4: Penumbral fourth contact: very last shading leaves the Moon.

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