About Arya Goudarzi


Arya is a hands-on leader with 20+ years of experience in software design and architecture, and 10+ years of building highly effective multi-disciplinary software teams. He has a passion for team building, optimizing processes, solving organizational challenges and increasing efficiency. He is a pragmatic and creative leader who transforms vision and design into tangible solutions.

His past work shines on Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Homepage, Gaia Online, Facebook social game hit Monster Galaxy, CardSpring (acquired by Twitter), and Houzz. Most recently he was responsible for architecting a scalable infrastructure and software suit for serving PAX’s IoT vaporizers ingesting 100s of millions of events per day and serving millions of customers. In his past endeavors, Arya grew to shaping and forming his teams supporting all aspects of software development including mobile, web, e-commerce, infrastructure, platform, data science and engineering, security and IT. 

Arya enjoys collaboration and knowledge sharing and fosters his team’s growth via coaching and aligning business objectives with personal passion. 

Arya is an avid advocate of open source technologies and has contributed to projects such as Cassandra, Linux-HA, and Impala. 

In his free time, he likes to read, cook and play music.